Who says business travel has to be boring? Just because you’re travelling to the office or from meeting to meeting, you can still travel in style and comfort and arrive at your destination refreshed and relaxed with White 7 Edinburgh.

Business travel can be an important part of a company’s business strategy, enabling connections to be made and creating new opportunities.
Even though the world of work looks a bit different now because of the pandemic, it’s still important for people to be able to get to where they need to be.

Maybe you’re meeting a client for the first-time face to face, and you want to arrive prepared and relaxed, a chauffeur driven journey will ensure you arrive stress-free.

If you want to make the most of the journey time and get some work done, a chauffeured car provides you with a private working environment and Wi-Fi to make those calls and work online.


3 reasons to choose White 7 Edinburgh for business travel

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White 7 Edinburgh Airport transfers

Business travel can often involve airport transfers. White 7 Edinburgh can take the stress out of travelling to the airport, no need to worry about parking or shuttle buses, you’ll be taken directly to the terminal.

Alternatively, it may be the journey home that you want to make as easy as possible. White 7 Edinburgh can meet you at the airport and transport you home, so you can enjoy a moment of calm and luxury at the end of a busy trip away.

chauffeured airport transfers in the Edinburgh Region

4 reasons to choose White 7 Edinburgh for airport transfers

To book your chauffeured airport transfer call: 07803 753554